We're a social-first content studio based in London, creating work for the hottest brands on the planet.


The Story of Nusa Films

Myself (Toby) and Pete were both known amongst our peers as ‘the guy with a camera’ but had only met briefly in the pub. In 2017, I dropped out of a decent university, switching my psychology degree for a less lucrative career in the creative industries. At the same time Pete was running a drone company with his mate Jason and they were about to embark on a 2000 mile Europe road trip with their huge, 4ft drone (not compensating for anything). They thought they’d save a bit of money on petrol by recruiting another punter onto the trip and I got the invite.

Off the back of the trip, Toby and Pete decided that they made a pretty good filming duo so they set up a production company. Outsight Creations was born in 2017 and hundreds of emails were ambitiously sent to trendy travel brands and hotels. Despite our very low hit rate, an independent surf lodge owned by some friendly Swedes out in Bali were kind enough to have us. We got some pretty cool footage for our showreel on that trip, at the expense of nearly drowning when attempting to film some barrelling waves with a gopro and a snorkel. After Bali, we managed to wangle a few more trips to Morocco, Sri Lanka and Peru which hold some of our fondest (and most food poisoned) memories.

At the beginning of 2020 we started working with bigger brands like Vodafone and Warner Bros, shifting our focus to social media video production.  We rebranded as Nusa Films, inspired by the word Nusa (meaning Homeland in Indonesian) which seemed fitting since it’s where we got our start. After a lot of hard graft and complaining about back ache, we are now very certain on our mission: We grow brands with social-first video. Whether working directly with brands or through agencies, we produce videos that grab (and hold) people’s attention across any platform you can think of.

If you would like more information on any of the above (minus the food poisoning details), feel free to drop us an email or give us a buzz.